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Everything on this site was made by ME unless stated otherwise.

About Pineapple Dream

So it came to my attention that i should make a site of something i really love to do and thats watching movies and reviewing them.
Have you ever said let me see this movie because you don't know what to watch and for that 5 min of your time you sat there and was like wow this movie is soo freaking boring? yea i have done that a couple of times i should have read a review and see if it was good or not. How ever at that point it gets very boring knowing that you wasted that much time when you could of watched a better movie. So thats what i want to do here i want to review movies for you so you wont waste that 5 min of your life. Some may have spoilers and some may not it just depends how im feeling on how i wanna write the review. Im not that great in the reviews but i try and there might be movies i might of mention that i didnt like at first but you might like so it just depends on you.