Mean Creek

The film is about a group of teenagers who devise a plan to strip an overweight, troubled bully on a boating trip. When their plan goes too far, they have to deal with the unexpected consequences of their actions.

My Review:

So IMO this is not the way to get back at a bully. Josh peck stars as the one that is overweight. Josh is quite Annoying and is getting on everyone’s nerves at this point its like SHUT UP. So they go on this boat and they are all enjoying the smell of the flowers and talking to each other. They stopped somewhere and eating some sandwiches. They start to play truth or dare. they knock him over the boat and they leave him because there is no one outside to help. they all feel bad at this moment except for one kid who wants to bury him and forget about what happened. It’s a really good movie. you can find this one on Hulu.

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