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Zone Drifter 2021

In the distant future, a former soldier battles through a ravaged post-war wasteland, and faces an army of programmed killers while searching for his missing brother.

My Review

alot of shooting. doesn't tell me how they got there who took them there or what. The begining is long again. they look like they are shooting at each other and bombs here and there are exploading and gun shots here and there and Ahhh so much hassel i dont know how long i can put up with this. no one is talking to know one its just so much killing and war like. ok wait lets give it a chance lol me telling myself this. ok so this guy is talking in the back while they are still shooting. ok this is it i couldnt take it no more so i turned it off. But if you are that boerd check it out but im telling you this movie sucks ass. i dont know how it got to be a 6.3 it should be like a 4.1 maybe..