A Murder To Remember

Rated: 6.5 out of 10 with 119 votes.

Inspired by Ann Rule’s true crime collection Empty Promises. Javier and Robin Rivera are celebrating their one-year anniversary on a camping trip. But when Javier ends up dead, Robin finds herself alone in the rough wilderness. She accepts help from another camper, a mysterious stranger named Sam and slowly places her life in his hands. But is Sam there to protect Robin? Or does she need protecting from him?

My Little Review

What you read above is what its about. Right to the t-bone of it all. Robin is in the woods with her husband and thier are few people who is staying at a campside where they are. That's way you always carry a gun to protect your family. But it's so sad how it hapeen and how their are some crazy people out there..This is a Lifetime Movie. Must watch..

my ratings:6.7