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A killer Next Door 2020

Rated: 6.2 out of 10 with 197 votes.
The TRUE STORY of how a young girl begins to suspect that her neighbour on a quiet suburban street is fugitive family killer John List.

My Review

A Young girl is hurt and only to find out that she has to stay in her home to get better. Well there really isnt anything to do so she starts looking otside her window and only to find out that her neighbour is up to know good. She try's to convince her dad that the guy is killer but her dad don't belive her. It's hard when you try to tell the truth that your own family don't believe u. So she trys to call the cops but nothing happen. So she is figuring out the crime and putting the puzzles back to normal so she can get this guy in jail.. good movie. Highly recomend.

My Ratings:6.9
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