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Glasshouse 2022

I don't know if it gets any better but its kind of boring to be honest. they showing alot of kids doing chores and picking vegs and such. seems like they are in a cult or something. There is alot of growing plants and alot of the teenagers are singing alot to keep things from being bored. I don't think i'll sit here any longer to try and watch this movie. its boring imo. But i let you decide if you want to see it. Maybe it gets better but im going to stop it now..


A mother and her three daughters — romantic Bee, sensible Evie, and child of nature Daisy — occupy the titular glass building, which has been completely sealed off to protect its occupants from a dementia-inducing toxin called the Shred that’s poisoning the air outside. Fearful of becoming like the lost souls who wander the abyss outside, the family keep a grasp on their past by performing sacred rituals. When Bee breaks the rules and lets an injured stranger into their midst, the family dynamic is shattered forever, as hidden truths upend the illusions the women have worked so hard to protect.