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A Week in Paradise 2022

Reminds me of a lifetime movie or a hallmark movie. Its about a women who breaks up with her husband because she finds out he had sex with another women and shes pregnant. So she goes off to a beautiful island and ends up getting to know the place and crys alot during the movie because of the heartache. she discovers peace and breaks and enjoying the view and the fruits that taste so good and she just relaxes. she meets this handsome man who cooks at the hotel. Starts talking to him and getting to know their history and then starts to have a little fun.She starts to feel like maybe she will get him back. But i guess at some point we all go through that. so shes on the beach talking to her bestfriend and talking about whats to come and being hurt. She finds out the guy shes talking to has a son and shes ok with it. she ends up going back to her life and ends up not liking the out come and comes back to the island where she is in love with someone who is sweet and romantic. it kind got a little boring but then it picked up and it turned out to be a better movie then i though.. do check it out if you want to watch some romance...


The film tells the tale of Maggie, a film star whose world collapses when her film director husband is outed by the paparazzi when it’s discovered his new leading lady is pregnant with his baby. Seeking solace and healing Maggie escapes to her ex-pat cousin’s beautiful hotel in Nevis. After a week in paradise she discovers herself and meets a new love interest. Then the outside world comes crashing back in.